RETAIL & E-Commerce

Courier Satchel

Courier Satchels

We supply a range of tamper evident courier and postage bags to Australia Post, Toll Priority and the growing online retail sectors that need customised postal bags and mailers. Our products provide that extra level of security to help your packages arrive safely, as well as on time.

Returnable courier satchel

Returnable Courier Satchels

For our retail & e-commerce customers we provide a returnable courier satchel. This product’s closure system has two lines of tape so the recipient can place the items inside and reseal it. It’s ideal for clothing providers who provide a free returns service. These can either come with a plain exterior or feature your company’s branding.

Tamper-evident closure satchel

Tamper-Evident Secure Closure Satchel 

This product is designed for the transport of sensitive documents and valuables. Our tamper-evident secure closure satchels can be purchased in a variety of stock sizes and can also be made for your specific requirements. They are built using high quality materials that are resistant to impacts and punctures. If you are an environmentally focused organisation we can also create your satchels using recyclable materials. The tamper-evident closure feature is unique and excellent for sending sensitive or expensive items and storing sensitive files or records.

Padded satchel

Padded Satchels

These satchels provide additional protection for your products while they are in transit. The satchel’s exterior is composed of paper board material while the inside is filled with bubble wrap, ensuring the safety of your items. Their size and shape make them far more cost effective to ship than bulkier alternatives. These same features also make it simpler to store in confined areas, so you don’t have to waste valuable storage space. These can also be produced from completely recyclable materials.

Cartons & display boxes

Cartons & Display Boxes

We can supply premium grade cartons and display boxes for your e-commerce customers. When it comes to e-commerce products, attractive and engaging packaging has never been more important. This added touch is a great way to create a connection between your brand and your consumers.

Eco-Friendly Courier Satchels

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Courier Satchels

We offer a range of cardboard courier satchels for sustainability focused companies. If stock solutions aren’t for you, we are also able to create something custom built for your products. We build your satchels using materials that are both environmentally friendly and strong enough to protect your consumers’ items.

Carry Bags

Carry Bags (Paper / Plastic / Eco-Friendly)

We house stock items if time is a factor or we can create products with your unique branding to help you stand out in the marketplace. We also offer these in a variety of materials from traditional ones like paper & plastic, to environmentally friendly canvas solutions. We are proud supporters of the bag for life initiative, whereby shoppers can utilise a completely recyclable bag that they can get replaced free of charge when it wears out.

retail bags

Carry Bags (Multiple-use)

We provide plain or bespoke designed and printed plastic carry bags with your unique branding.  Our multiple-use retails bags are available in a range of designs and sizes. Made to order, strong, precisely weighted and to budget, our custom printed carry bags use RollsPack’s advanced manufacturing processes and technology to achieve the highest standards in printing and product quality.   We supply in long or short runs, delivered to precise turn-around times and with stringent quality control.  From initial creative concepts to finished design, production and global distribution our bags present in soft loop handle and reinforced patch handle offering reliable, quality bags for leading fashion, homewares, sports and tech retailers.

retail paper bags


In addition to our environmentally friendly canvas range, we offer paper carry bags. These recyclable alternatives come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights, colours and finishes. Our paper carry bags are a great way to advertise your both your company’s branding and your environmental commitment simultaneously!