RollsPack Deposit Security Satchel


Product code: HF1000-813

Suited to a variety of industries, our deposit bag is a tough one time use bag designed for carrying coin, notes, cheques, foreign currency and valuables. Our bags are SCEC endorsed and ideal for cash in transit, banks, clubs, casinos, hospitality, and retail. Each bag is individually numbered and includes a peel-off receipt bearing the same number for added security. Bags include a writeable panel on the front for a full denominational breakdown of bag contents.

  • Level 4 Security Satchel.
  • Tamper Evident Closure & Seals.
  • Uniquely Numbered with Label & Bar-Code.

Quantity of Cartons Price Per Carton
1-9 $330.00
10-20 $253.00

390mmL + 35mmLip x 255mmW

500 per carton

Quantity of Cartons

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