RollsPack is proud to be the only tamper-evident bag supplier in Australia. We specialise in security bags and products, e-commerce courier satchels, mailers with bubble liners, and banking bags for cheques and cash with peel off receipts. Our SCEC endorsed Secur-Safe tamper-evident bags come in a variety of sizes and are suited to various industries. These include banks, airlines, racing, TAB, education, government, councils, foreign currency exchange, casinos, transport, couriers, and cash logistics companies.



Made specially for the banking sector our Secur-Safe tamper-evident coin bags are the ideal solution for your currency’s protection. They feature a row of lined boxes at the top of the bag which appear along the sealed adhesive line. If unauthorized access occurred the bags would clearly indicate this through distorted lines within these boxes, ensuring the integrity of your currency’s transit.


Our tamper-evident seals provide a clear indication of any harmful tampering. Once locked it is impossible to open them without damaging the seal and leaving obvious signs the item’s integrity has been compromised. These security seals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We supply bolt, cable, plastic, metal, padlock and barrier seals. Each of which are suited for a variety of industries and products.

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Anytime someone takes their duty-free liquor onboard an airplane, they must have a STEB bag. RollsPack is proud to be the only Australian organisation authorised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to manufacture these bags. Our products are puncture resistant and feature a tamper-evident closure system. Per request they can also be produced with recyclable materials, RFID chips, unique serial numbers for easier identification, and with your personal branding on them.

Secur-DyeSafe Ink Staining Bags

Our Secur-DyeSafe(TM) solutions are intelligent, active and designed to react quickly and stop criminals in their tracks. They do this using innovative technology, which spreads ink throughout the notes in the event of a theft. This special dye makes the stolen cash useless to the thieves. Our Secur-DyeSafe technology comes in the form of both ATM and cash in transit solutions. These can also include DNA, RFID, and Bluetooth capabilities.


Our Secur-Storage tamper-evident solutions are designed to clearly indicate when one’s belongings have been tampered with. They provide an added layer of security when personal items like mobile phones are left in temporary storage areas. They also help prevent unjust accusations of theft which could require compensation and harm an individual’s reputation. These tamper-evident solutions are perfect for hotels, conventions, schools, law enforcement, medical and forensic services. For more information about our Secur-Safe tamper-evident solutions click here.


Be aware of your important items at all times with real-time location tracking.

  • Exam papers
  • Confidential documents
  • Valuables

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