Promotional Bags

Promotional bags are a phenomenal way to get your business or brand free advertising & create a great experience for each consumer. We want customers to walk away feeling thrilled with their new purchase and filled with a sensation that brings them back to your store. Adding this personal touch is a sure way to do just that while also gaining free exposure for your brand through your consumers.

  • Customised branding
  • Variety of handle styles
  • Sustainable options available

RollsPack Testimonials

Reusable bags are just that, reusable. It’s worth investing in something that has a longer lifespan, something customers put to work long after the initial purchase. It helps on multiple fronts from promoting your sustainable development goals to serving as its own promotional campaign in the from of greater brand awareness thanks to the colour printing design. It could even serve as the basis for a social media campaign which promoted customers reusing these bags as a sustainable recycled use initiative. Whether its grocery bags, shopping bags, or gifts for your clients there is no question that these promotional bags beneficial to your business.

Promotional bags are one of the best free marketing solutions for your company. Customers walking around populated cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and these custom branded visually cosmetic solutions can carry your brand’s message and form its own marketing campaign. We are packaging experts and one of our most frequently asked questions we get is what Fabrics are suited to these kinds of solutions. These custom made solutions do not need to break the bank, they can be done on a budget which is welcome news to smaller business looking to make an impact through their marketing and customer service.