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Shopping today is a very visual undertaking. If a shopper is already locked in on what brand they wish to use then getting them to change their perspective can be difficult. The shopper may make up their mind well before ever coming into contact with food. Companies pick containers that are unique to their brand, and unique to their country and even the specific ingredient within the product – for instance in store retail packaging is often branded. Food packaging on the other hand may depend on unique packaging solutions and shapes (Coca-Cola for instance use a specific design for their glass bottle which has become synonymous with the brand).  The only access to this at the point of sale is your packaging. Yes its true marketing will play a large role in creating that opportunity in the first place but It’s only when they’re at the actual shelves that they can make that call. The amount of noise consumers are exposed to these days many are so exhausted that it’s only when they reach the supermarket or cafe shelf that they’ll actually consider what they want to purchase. Excellent food packaging means that when this time comes you’ve got a chance. The best food packaging combines a great marketing campaign with great food packaging which shows the customer that this business understands them. 

The biggest issue with compostable/oxo-biodegradable materials is that they require perfect conditions for them to break down and become environmentally friendly and reduce their environmental impacts. It’s not until they’re exposed to the right level of sunlight oxygen and water that they actually achieve this effect can begin to break down.This requires substantial consumer education, guidance and often a separate guidance document. Making the actual process of composting packaging quite a complex problem to solve. It’s at this point that we reach the problem because when you consider the conditions that this oxo-biodegradable packaging will be in during their time in landfill then we begin to understand how unlikely they are to get the resources they need. In the future as technology progresses biodegradable solutions will become a bigger part of the fix but as it stands today recyclable options that can be recycled through programs like REDcycle are far more environmentally friendly.

At RollsPack we are proud to partner with REDcycle to offer our customers more sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of industries materials. REDcycle is a partnership between retailers manufacturers and consumers. It works by placing specially marked bins at local supermarkets where consumers can drop their soft plastics off. These are then collected by a company called Replas who take the discarded items and turn them into useful resources. Consumers often get confused as to which products fall into the ‘recycled materials’. The answer to this question lies in the scrunch test. If the plastic can be scrunched up then it goes into the REDcycle bins at the local supermarket. If it cannot then it goes in the recycle bin. This practice of testing the whether or not a product and material can be recycled also helps to ensure that the container is empty before entering the recycling process. Studies show that customers who become aware of the environmental impact surrounding their lifestyle choices also leads to a reduction of food waste.

At RollsPack we embrace the technical challenges of producing great wholesale food packaging supplies. We’re veterans of the packaging Australia scene and we are known for our high-quality, award-winning designs in our stand up pouches & flat bottom pouches. This commitment led to our winning multiple awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The best food packaging material entices consumers’ taste buds. It gets them thinking about the meal they’ll have it with or perhaps they’ll just eat the contents straight out of the packet (when it comes to ready-to-eat food the possibilities are endless) depending on the product of course! Our passion is food packaging and we pride ourselves on producing some of the best food packaging solutions in the world. 

RollsPack’s tamper evident packaging increases the likelihood that consumers will be able to identify that a product has been tampered with before coming into contact with food (or food waste). Our packaging solutions offer multiple options in relation to the way that evidence can be presented to the shipper or buyer. In short though, this is an entire category of our product offering, we are well established within this niche and provide assistance to many sections of society and government. Tamper evident packaging reduces food waste as we have seen a reduction in packages being opened just to see what is inside (which often would result in that package being discarded by the retailer).

Social media channels such as Instagram have become a very effective way for cafes, restaurants and delivery companies to showcase food quality using pictures and visual advertising. This is why it’s so important to have great packaging design to take advantage of the immense opportunity the digital age has created for your shop where people can order online from locations Australia wide. Environmentally friendly packaging is also a great way to stand out on these platforms but while many have gone for compostable or oxo-biodegradable solutions. We suggest recyclable disposable food grade food packaging options instead as they are actually more sustainable. This consumer demand is certainly relevant Australia wide but more prevalent in metropolitan locations because it is often where Instagram’s younger audience are.

Some types of food packaging, although they are made from conventional plastics, are not designed as a barrier material for fresh fruits. 

One of the reasons for this is that these food packaging solutions are air tight. Fresh fruit is usually stored in the open and this solution is aimed at a food product that needs more than its natural protection from the elements (like a peel).