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We supply a range of postage bags to leading Australian companies & growing online retailers that need customised postal bags and mailers. Our products provide that extra level of security to help your packages arrive safely, as well as on time.

  • Plain or Customised Branding
  • QR Codes
  • Padding
  • Double Seal
  • Tamper-Evident Tape
  • Sustainable options available

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Returnable mailers are perfect for e-commerce organisations that offer easy or free returns as part of their business model. It is also a way to promote the sustainable side of your business because if returning items is commonplace then the returnable mailer halves the packaging use during the products’ shipping process. This change in your packaging design is preferred amongst consumers in a commercial environment which is having to adapt to sustainability-focused consumers who want to buy things like recyclable and compostable packing mailer bags. Rest assured they would appreciate the use of less plastic during the shipping of their mailers.

The primary difference between e-commerce & retail packaging is the style we create for you. We view retail packaging more in terms carry bags or promotional boxes that are presented to the customer as part of their first hand, in-store experience. Ecommerce packaging consists of postage bags & satchels. These are purpose-built for delivering your products to your customers once they have purchased from your website! We have a wide range of solutions so no matter what products you are creating for your customers RollsPack can provide the solution.

With the transition from shelf-based competition moving toward online comparison, it’s important that ecommerce brands understand there are multiple options available. Brick and mortar retailers are slowly losing market share to online retailers such as Ebay & Amazon. Platforms like Shopify are going to become more commonplace in day to day purchases for a variety of demographics. Brands need to embrace these realities and see them as opportunities rather than threats. Successful brands will find a balance between the exposure these platforms provide and the need to own their audience. Which means paying attention to every fine detail in your product photography, copywriting, ecommerce packaging, and website experience in order to create that lasting relationship with your consumers.

At RollsPack we sell both plain & custom ecommerce packaging such as mailer bags & postage bags. Brands often start out with the former and graduate to the latter as they expand as move from an introductory phase of testing the product’s viability, to one of brand building. Once you know the market is keen on your products and the numbers reflect this, it is time to go for branded ecommerce satchels. These drastically improve your unboxing experience and open new doors for upselling (e.g. QR codes on theses bags that take customers to additional relevant products). They also reflect the fact that your brand is growing and while our plain satchels are top tier, nothing says you’re a legitimate ecommerce contender like your own branded packaging.

RollsPack can also customise and print courier bags (plastic mailing bags / postage bags like Express Post satchels). With years of proven quality, RollsPack is one of Australia’s best and most reliable mailing / courier bag suppliers. So, if you are looking for ‘Australia’s courier pack suppliers’, RollsPack is at the top of your list. If you’re running any form of e-commerce shop, or really any operation where you’re shipping smaller goods, it’s no-brainer to stock up on our range of customisable courier bags. RollsPack is a simple alternative with super fast delivery times and a reputation for excellent customer service.

There are many reasons why one should go for poly mailers. Some of the reasons our clients often provide are:

  • They are affordable and flexible, usually their production costs are lower than corrugated shipping products.
  • Poly Mailer material is lightweight, flexible, tear resistant and water resistant. They are great for sending documents or small flat items.
  • RollsPack offers a Reusable Mailer that falls into our Poly Mailer category, this allows a buyer to return your product in the same package that they received.
  • Because Poly Mailers are very thin they can be easily stacked and do not need much storage space.
  • When storing these mailers many can be shelved together as they are a low weight packing solution.
  • So, if you are looking for the best Poly Mailers available in the market, RollsPack offers the best solution.

RollsPack’s Poly Mailers are an excellent additional packaging option as well as a stand-alone mailing solution. Clothes, textiles, bedding materials, fabrics, and other soft goods may be delivered using only our printed postal bags; however, we consider using our custom-designed Poly Mailers to add a customized touch to your shipping operation via your poly packaging supplies.

All of RollsPack’s Poly mailer bags provide space for your custom graphic design if you would like to add this feature to improve the design of your plastic shipping bags. This area is dictated by the size of the poly mailer you have selected. Only wholesale orders may be eligible for an entire surface print of the poly mailer (min. 10000 pieces) as advanced printing equipment will be used to create your custom solution after our expert technicians review the design to ensure a high-quality print outcome. If you want to purchase a greater quantity of shipping bags, please email us for a quote.


We’re really happy that you asked! When you order 25,000 or more poly mailers, your chances of success skyrocket if you are searching for customised solutions. This translates to personalised sizes and features, multi-colour prints etc.

Contact us via the contact form for a custom poly mailer quote by clicking here.