Tamper-Evident Bags

Suited to a variety of industries, our Secur-Safe™ tamper-evident bags are the ideal solution for your product’s chain of custody/logistics journey. If unauthorised access occurred, the bags would clearly indicate this, ensuring the integrity of your currency’s transit. We have tamper evident solutions for banks, retailers, e-commerce businesses and more. As Australia’s only tamper-evident manufacturer no one is better positioned to provide the solutions you need. When it comes to tamper-evident products there are four different levels. 

  • Level 1 – Permanent closure – single use clearly shows any physical tampering
  • Level 2 – Medium Risk Permanent closure – made using unique tamper-evident tape. It is immediately visible should any mechanical or frozen tampering occur
  • Level 3 – STEB Duty Free High risk: Complies with international Civil Aviation (ICAO) and European Trade Retail Confederation (ETRC) requirements, these bags indicate freezing, heat and physical tampering.
  • Level 4 – Maximum Security (SCEC Approved)
    The most advanced tamper evident technology in our Secur-Safe range. These bags feature peel off or tear off receipts and indicate freezing, heat, physical and water vent tampering. They are also SCEC approved.