Tamper-Evident Bags

Suited to a variety of industries, our Secur-Safe™ tamper-evident bags are the ideal solution for your product’s chain of custody/logistics journey. If unauthorised access occurred, the bags would clearly indicate this, ensuring the integrity of your currency’s transit. We have tamper evident solutions for banks, retailers, e-commerce businesses and more. As Australia’s only tamper-evident manufacturer no one is better positioned to provide the solutions you need. 

Tamper-Evident Bags


Money Deposit Bags

Suited to a variety of industries, our Secur-Safe™ tamper evident bags (packaging & coin bags) are the ideal solution for your currency’s protection. They feature a row of lined boxes at the top of the bag which appear along the sealed adhesive line. If unauthorised access occurred to the package, the bags would clearly indicate this through distorted lines within these boxes, ensuring the integrity of your currency’s transit. We have both Coin Bags Deposit Bags We have both Coin Bags & Deposit Bags.

  • Secur-Safe™ Tamper-Evident Technology
  • Contents checklist
  • Can provide both bottom fill or top fill options

Money Deposit Bags


Tamper-Evident Seals

We can supply a huge range of tamper-evident seals and labels for a range of industries. Having been in the tamper-evident business for decades we understand these solutions inside out and we’re excited to discuss your tamper-evident needs so we can provide options that are suited to your business. Some of the seals we have are… Bolt Seals, Cable Seals, Plastic Seals, Metal Seals, Zip Seals, Padlock Seals, and Barrier Seals.

Tamper-Evident Seals

ERPS 300 400 500 DE

Secure Storage Bags

Our Secur-Storage bags are an advanced tamper-evident system suited to a wide range of industries. Bags are numbered with matching numbered tags that depositor uses to retrieve articles from storage. They’re sealed with a non-reusable strip of adhesive in the interior of the bag. Each one has a signing label for owner verification and receipt which provides added security when personal items are left in cloakrooms or temporary storage areas (ideal for mobile phones).

  • Secur-Safe™ Tamper-Evident Technology
  • Can feature your organisation’s branding

Secure Storage Bags


Airport Duty Free Tamper-Evident Bags

Designed for duty-free merchandise, these tamper-evident bags are produced to ICAO specifications and come in three handy sizes. They’re made of extremely strong and tear-resistant coextruded transparent polyethylene a feature a sturdy carry handle. Individual advertising is also possible on the reverse side. This is a highly specialised form of tamper-evident packaging and we are proud to be an ICAO approved supplier.

  • ICAO Approved
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Advertising space

Airport Duty Free Tamper-Evident Bags

STEB Duty Free Bags

Track & Trace Security Satchels

Our advanced RFID technology provides you with unparalleled insight into the location of your parcel. This allows you to closely monitor your mobile inventory and provide detailed delivery updates to your consumers.

  • Secur-Safe™ Tamper-Evident Technology
  • Can feature your organisation’s branding
  • Traceable RFID Technology

Track & Trace Security Satchels


RollsPack Reusable Bags

These bags are made of high-quality weather-resistant material and come in a variety of styles to suit multiple industries. We can customise the print, size and colour of provided solutions in order to promote your organisation.

  • Advanced Tamper-Evident Technology.
  • Suited to a variety of industries.
  • Customised solutions available.

RollsPack Reusable Bags


RollsPack Testimonials

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tamper-evident containers are packaging with a technology built into the product that allows you to see if anyone has attempted to open or tamper with the product during the shipping process. This technology is embedded into the parts of the container or bag which are sealed after the contents have been placed inside meaning they will show evidence should someone try and access it. Remember that secure packaging can come in multiple forms and the goal of tamper evident packaging is to protect the end user if item or items have been exposed to unauthorised access during storage and logistics. 

    This is different from Tamper-resistant packaging in that the tamper-evident feature of our packaging does not restrict access to an item, they do however demonstrate that it has been tampered with. This is particularly valuable in determining the validity of a chain of evidence or in the transport of medication or to ensure that a drug sample used as evidence has not been diluted or adulterated.

    For items that require more intense inaccessible security other devices such as heavy-duty lock cases should be considered. A range of technologies and security features are used to provide visible evidence that a product has been tampered with, these may include plastic or security tape as well as custom designed solutions that may be required to defeat a variety of types of tamper. Our goal is to ensure that you are aware that the safety of a product may have been conpromised. Evidence shows that tamper evident technology acts as one of many psychological barriers to entry.

    No, they don’t. Different industries and products require different levels of tamper-evident security. As Australia’s only manufacture of tamper-evident products, we have pioneered the technology in this space. Here are the 4 levels of tamper-evident bags:

    Level 1 – Low Risk 

    • Permanent closure packaging – single-use clearly shows any physical tampering. 
    • Products: courier satchels, post-packs, envelopes and other mailers.

    Level 2 – Medium Risk

    • Permanent closure packaging – made using unique tamper-evident tape. It is immediately visible should any mechanical or frozen tampering occur.
    • Products: Transit bags, confidential document bags and other secure bags.

    Level 3 – High Risk (STEB Duty-Free)

    • High risk: Complies with international Civil Aviation (ICAO) and European Trade Retail Confederation (ETRC) requirements, these bags indicate freezing, heat and physical tampering.
    • Products: Duty-Free Airport Bags.

    Level 4 – Maximum Security Packaging (SCEC Endorsed) 

    • Maximum Security: The most advanced tamper-evident technology in our Secur-Safe range. These bags feature peel off or tear off receipts and indicate freezing, heat, physical and water vent tampering to the package. They are also SCEC approved. 
    • Products: Banking & cash deposits bags

    Tamper-evident packaging is a great way to secure your products during the storage and logistics process. With the rise in globalisation and the subsequent increase in supply chain complexity the need to ensure the items’ integrity is paramount. While it would be nice to live in a world where every person who is involved in the process is completely trustworthy, the reality is that we need to implement a system that accounts for the fact that not all of them will be.

    We live in a world where someone may tamper with a product for a variety of different reasons, this is why we provide technology to ensure that a secure chain of evidence is maintained. Especially when the global supply chain is more advanced and complex than ever before.

    Tamper evident packaging (TEP) means packaging that has an indicator or barrier to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible or audible evidence to consumers or supply chain participants that tampering may have occurred.

    Tamper evident bags and tamper evident packaging as well as tamper evident boxes all fall into this category.

    The design of a device or process that is tamper-evident by nature. Tamper-evident describes a device or process that makes unauthorized access to the protected object easily detected. These could be small flexible packaging coin bags, or larger reusable bags making use of tamper evident tapes and seals, or making use of shrink wrapping technologies to increase the security of a product or package.

    Tamper-evident seals are commonly used to ensure that containers within a supply chain remain unopened, and any indication of tampering or adulteration is easily displayed – it is also often used in healthcare & pathology practices to ensure that the important and vulnerable items such as bloodwork samples are not accessed during transit.