E-Commerce Online Mail Bags

We supply a range of Online Mailer Bags to leading Australian companies & growing online retailers that need customised postal bags and mailers. Our products can be made using advanced tamper-evident technology that products your products during transit. We also have newly developed Sustainable mailer bag options such as our Plain Mailers made from Post Consumer Waste and the Eco-Sense… An innovative mailer consumers can recycle via their regular recycling system.

E-Commerce Online Mail Bags

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Padded Mailer Envelopes

These bubble mailers provide additional protection for your shopify products while they are in the transit/shipping process. The mailers interior is filled with bubble wrap, ensuring the safety of your items. The size and shape of these ecommerce postage bags make them far more cost-effective to ship than bulkier alternatives like corrugated boxes. These same features also make it simpler to store in confined areas, so you don’t have to waste valuable storage space.

Padded Mailer Envelopes


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Fragile objects, such as jewellery, handcrafted products, books, or electronics, are better shipped in these padded mailers. If the items are light but not delicate, traditional poly mailers may be used to ship them as this will save on the per-unit cost of the product. They’re compact, sturdy, simple to pack, and self-sealing, making shipping small orders or boxes from home or a warehouse a breeze. Padded mailers, sometimes known as bubble mailers can be a cost-effective alternative to larger carton packaging solutions.

RollsPack pioneered the returnable mailer which has proven extremely popular during recent times due to the surge in e-commerce. This mailer allows buyers to return an unwanted product in the same envelope in which the package was received. RollsPack’s approach has always been to be innovative with its packaging products and this returnable mailer is no exception. As the world of e-commerce grows and more packaging is created to keep up with the demand we need solutions like the returnable mailer to halve the amount of packaging needed for a returned item’s round trip.

RollsPack has opted to focus on strengthening both it’s manufacturing systems with innovative tools that can help mitigate the environmental burden, both of the impact of packaging itself and the whole production supply chain. We move into a world where the impact to our ecosystem from our global industrial production infrastructure has proven to have negative after-effects. As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant RollsPack will continue to make a positive impact on the world via the way our business is run. Such as our partnership with REDcycle and our use of Solar panels which make our manufacturing facility 100% energy efficient during daylight hours.

We believe that achieving a high level of sustainability through the industry is of the utmost importance. Along with being a REDcycle with also use self self-aligning smart technology printing prevents print wastage. Plus we recycle the heat that comes off our machines & 100% of our waste. Solar panels make our manufacturing facility 100% energy efficient during daylight hours. Our returned satchels are recycled to help build children’s playgrounds. One of the main challenges we face is that packaging which was originally designed for brick and martial retail is often not suited to ecommerce distribution. Packaging bags which are designed to perform when it hits the shelves usually features a range of features that may be redundant for online ordering. Ecommerce packaging features (including tape) needs to be tough at the end of the day due to the nature of globalisation and the journey these products undergo from departure to arrival. The products are placed on industrial shipping pallets and are moved around the world as part of the freight experience. For this reason they need their tough exterior for safety & protection so they can make it safely to your Amazon or Shopify store’s customers.

As the environmental crisis worsens, more and more consumers are searching for sustainable plastic packaging solutions with environmentally friendly packaging materials. One key answer is the recyclability of the packaging consumers are using. That’s why we feel it’s important for more companies to embrace programs like REDcycle so we can work with brands and consumers alike to point the industry in the most sustainable direction.

Ecommerce packaging is a term which describes packaging which helps transport products between online sales and the customers who purchased the item. With 2020 rapidly advancing the progressing of e-commerce sales these packaging solutions are now more important than ever. Successful brands will be the ones who take this opportunity to customise their e-commerce packaging ideas to leave an indelible mark ton their consumers. There is a range of different types of ecommerce packaging, some more suited to certain industries than others. It’s vital that brands accept the balance between the protection of their products and the need to create visually stimulating custom packaging.  Taking these crucial e2commerce packaging suggestions can seem overwhelming but we are here to support you every step of the way.

Every detail of your custom ecommerce packaging tells a story in its own way through creative designs. Whether it’s positive or negative, one thing is for sure, it’s creating a narrative. On a basic level, packing the packages’ contents in a protective way communicates that you are careful and considerate when packaging their new products. Then the extra touches like product inserts & creative visual components help boost attention retention and customer loyalty. It’s a good idea to experience what your customer will experience first hand. If you outsource fulfilment, order one of the products to test the experience from their end. When you first begin it is ok to keep things simple as the business is growing and you just need to prove the concept. But once your business becomes established like all other items of business its crucial to optimise the packaging both externally and internally. Stay up to date with all packaging requirements and innovations to ensure your e-commerce experience is second to none within your industry.

When it comes to e-commerce, there are many suitable types of custom printed plastic packaging. Poly mailers are suited to clothing and fabric-based products as well as shoes and hats. They are a common choice in e-commerce packaging due to these products being such a major share of the online market. If the items are more vulnerable then we suggest a padded poly mailer (for items such as jewellery or watches etc). However for some items, even a padded mailer won’t get it done, you’ll need corrugated shipping boxes to ensure your items arrive in top shelf condition.

This can be a difficult call as it feels like taking the leap into the next stage of the business. The cost is raised, the MOQ is higher, but the impression made is worth it. When was the last time you had a ‘memorable’ customer experience with plain packaging? And we don’t mean a minimalist style of custom e-commerce packaging designs but rather a truly plain, stock solution. The answer is probably never because in a market of excellence, the standard experience doesn’t cut it. When you reach the point of wanting to take the next step in your business’ progression, the time has come for custom packaging. It allows a level of control and creativity that standard solutions obviously don’t and you can use these assets to show your customer how much you understand them. As 2021 approaches and e-commerce continues to rise, the game will be won by companies who achieve that simple goal.

When it comes to delivering your Shopify ecommerce products there are a range of ecommerce packaging solutions available. Depending on the product you will either want to utilise the lightweight benefits of flexible ecommerce packaging, or opt for a heavier, larger option by way of packaging boxes. Packing boxes / packaging boxes certainly have their place when it comes to ecommerce packaging because they are unique suited to packaging fragile items or products which require an exceptional unboxing experience (like skincare). Flexible packaging on the other hand is cheaper to make and easier to store in your warehouse and transport so its perfect for non fragile items like t-shirts. If your brand’s products require an ecommerce packaging solution which is both affordable and protective, then bubble mailers are likely a great solution. As a packaging manufacturer who specialises in providing all kinds of ecommerce packaging solutions we can provide customised corrugated boxes and mailers for your ecommerce business.