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The two main types of retail packaging are carry bags (which come in various forms), and display cartons. Carry Bags can be made from a variety of materials and can be plain/minimalistic or can feature extremely colourful branding. RollsPack can create your carry bags from paper, plastic or eco-friendly materials depending on your brand’s goals. We can also provide both plain and customised cartons & display boxes for your business. While they can be more expensive these serve a different purpose in the e-commerce packaging space as they can add a unique element to the unboxing experience.

Creative Retail Packaging is a packaging process that allows retailers, storefronts, and e-commerce businesses to customize the design of their packaging in order to demonstrate the value of their product or brand. For some businesses, this is less of a focus because the product’s in question do not require such effort. But for others (for instance, clothing, jewellery, or giftable items), it’s become a must have. As the e-commerce world continues to grow thanks to 2020, the market has become even more competitive and creative retail packaging is a great way to stand out. 

RollsPack has partnered with RedCycle to provide environmentally sustainable packaging options to our customers. Including items that are reusable, recyclable, or made from sustainable materials such as post-consumer waste. We can also provide eco friendly carry bags which are made from materials like natural fiber.  

Custom retail packaging means you (or a creative designer) can add whatever you need to make your packaging an extension of your brand – RollsPack provides state of the art printing facilities to allow you to create the perfect packaging solution. This becomes more of a focus for companies as they grow.