Padded Mailer Envelopes

These satchels provide additional protection for your products while they are in transit. The satchel’s exterior is composed of paper board material while the inside is filled with bubble wrap, ensuring the safety of your items. Their size and shape make them far more cost-effective to ship than bulkier alternatives. These same features also make it simpler to store in confined areas, so you don’t have to waste valuable storage space. Click to view our Custom Mailers or our Returnable Mailers.

  • Plain or Customised Branding
  • QR Codes
  • Double Seal
  • Sustainable options available

RollsPack Testimonials

Plastic bubble mailers or postage bags can be made to be recyclable or biodegradable. The question is, which should you choose? Customers asking themselves this question are already heading down the sustainable packaging path (for which we applaud you). But here is where many customers make a mistake. Compostable postal packaging seems like an incredibly environmentally friendly option (and it is branded as such), but in truth compostable packaging has huge drawbacks. For anything to compost it needs the right ingredients – (Sun, Air, Water). The challenge here is that if the compostable packaging is being placed in the regular waste disposal by consumers, then it gets directed to landfill. When placed in landfill it does not get the required elements and us such does not break down, minimising its sustainable advantage. Recyclable packaging on the other hand is a more environmentally friendly alternative, these can be recycled through REDcycle and turned into useful items like park benches, runaways and more.

Bubble mailers are particularly useful for sending delicate, fragile or valuable items such as jewellery. The interior lining is filled with protective bubble wrap giving the contents and added layer of safety during the transport process. They are also fantastic as a much cheaper alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes as they are less costly to produce, and also more cost efficient to transport.

Yes, typical bubble mailers and envelopes are made of plastic and as such are splash proof. These kinds of weather considerations are important when development any kind of packaging to ensure that the product is fit for customers’ purpose during the postage process.

Yes – RollsPack ships postage and packaging supplies like envelopes, bubble mailers, poly-mailers and supporting products around Australia.

RollsPack prefers recyclable packaging over compostable packaging as our testing indicates that the required environment for packaging to compost effectively cannot be met in Australian landfills. We have partnered with RedCycle to provide an ‘end of life  – use’ capability for those that have chosen to use our tough padded bubble mailers.

The are all part of the same family, all 3 are mailers however bubble mailers are unique in the way they use internal bubble cushioning. Poly mailers are plastic and weather resistant and Kraft mailers are paper – all 3 are tough and resilient but are made from different components.

Yes if your company makes use for a particular color like red, green, blue or orange then RollsPack can provide packaging to match your custom colour selection. We can also create more advanced branded mailers with specially designed packaging graphics which you feel promotes your brand in the market place.

Yes – Security is a priority to RollsPack, most of our e-commerce packaging and bubble mailers are tamper evident by design – this includes courier satchels. We make use of tamper evident adhesive strips that indicate if packaging has been tampered with during transit. RollsPack also provides custom ‘returnable mailers’ that feature a second adhesive strip allowing a customer to return packaging with the same padded envelope used to send the product out to them. There are levels to ‘tamper-evident’ packaging. As a tamper-evident specialist, we are capable of providing bubble mailers with more advanced security features in the seal.