Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Our Stand-Up Pouches used in the food industry are made of high-quality, durable materials. They are suited to a wide range of food items including snacks, coffee (dry), tea (dry), fruit, muesli & cereals, pet foods, and dairy items (dry). If you require pouches that have a square base, view our Flat Bottom Pouches.

Note*: This packaging type is not suitable for liquids. Please ensure the product you have chosen is suitable for your end use. If you need any support, please contact us.

  • Recyclable Materials
  • Plain or branded.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Variety of seal types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At RollsPack we stock an extensive range of plain products at varying prices but we can also provide top-quality custom stand-up pouches. The correct approach to creating these types of packages is often to enter the market with plain pouches and graduated to custom printed pouches once you’ve proved your product in the market. While it’s certainly important to test products when you start out in business. What’s interesting is that the time to switch to printed packaging often comes sooner in the food industry than in many others. Take the e-commerce industry, for example, customers appreciate branded packaging of course but it’s not always required even for bigger brands. However in the food space when was the last time you saw plain unbranded products on the supermarket shelves? When you’ve tested the market and you know your products are a hit and your business can move forward it’s time to embrace all that printed custom stand-up pouches have to offer by partnering with a packaging company that is very experienced in this field.

We work with cutting-edge filling equipment to give you a complete flexible packaging solution that will help you succeed with custom food packaging that entices the buyer to try your product – and that is all you really want – you want the buyer to try your product.

By the time a consumer is standing in that aisle and they’re ready to buy your product they are deep into the sales funnel and the stakes are high. Picture your food product they’re ready to compete with the others, is yours the one their eye is drawn to? The trick here is to really know your customer and understand how you can speak to them in a way that your competitors don’t.  it is also important to expose them to the packaging multiple times before what they’re in that aisle because the more they see it’s beforehand the more they will trust it.

The answer depends on how creative you are with graphic design software. However, in most cases, it’s just best left to the professionals. Packaging design is an art form and a true professional food packaging designer can come up with ideas that the average person simply cannot. If you are at the point of wanting custom printed food packaging such as branded stand-up pouches can we advise getting in touch with a great designer. In the questions above we outlined how important the visual aspect of your packaging is when the customer is at the point of sale (i.e. supermarket aisle). The investment you make in a great food packaging designer in the early stages will come back multiple times over if it gets your customer to respond to your product.

Fortunately, in recent times software solutions have made recruiting professionals like food packaging designers very simple and efficient. If you prefer a local solution, googling “graphic design companies” is a good start as these will often be capable of providing packaging designs. These are typically more expensive and are generally suited to larger organisations. If you are a smaller business or just getting your first food packaging products designed then a freelancer is likely the best solution for you. When searching for a Freelancer there are multiple websites which can provide you with recruitment options such as Upwork or Fiverr. Another great resource is a website called 99 designs which provides a similar service to Upwork, however they concentrate on design professionals only. Here you can either search through the list of professionals available and see their portfolio of work, or you can run a contest based on a set brief and get multiple entries.