Congratulations GMVA on Winning Volleyball Victoria’s 2023 Best Junior Program Award!

We are thrilled to congratulate GMVA and Luke Campbell for winning the 2023 Best Junior Program Award from Volleyball Victoria. This accolade is a testament to Luke’s passion and unwavering dedication to Australian Volleyball through the Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy (GMVA). We’re incredibly proud to have partnered with this program as part of RollsPack’s community sponsorship initiative.

Luke’s journey to this remarkable achievement began after his successful professional volleyball career, which saw him represent Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Following this, Luke founded the GMVA, a nurturing ground for young athletes to develop both their physical and social skills. Since its inception, the GMVA has grown to encompass nine different squads, each tailored to various age groups and levels of development. These squads, guided by skilled head and assistant coaches, provide a comprehensive training environment for budding Australian volleyball stars.

The GMVA is not just about training; it’s about creating opportunities. One of Luke’s most impactful initiatives is the Centre of Excellence Program. This program aims to connect Australian talent with the abundant opportunities in the USA, where collegiate sports form a multi-billion-dollar industry that rewards exceptional athletic abilities with valuable scholarships. Recognising the challenges local families faced in connecting their talented children with these opportunities, Luke took it upon himself in the summer of 2017 to establish direct contacts with hundreds of collegiate programs. His tireless efforts have helped 68 young athletes secure scholarships in the USA/Canada, 12 become professional volleyball players, and 9 represent Australia’s national team.

Winning the 2023 Best Junior Program Award is a well-deserved recognition of Luke’s relentless efforts and selfless contributions. It highlights his exceptional ability to inspire and develop young athletes, helping them realise their dreams on the global stage.

At RollsPack, we are immensely proud to sponsor organisations like the GMVA, led by extraordinary individuals like Luke Campbell. His work not only advances the sport of volleyball in Australia but also fosters the physical and social development of countless young athletes. We firmly believe in the power of sports to transform lives and build communities. Supporting programs like the GMVA is at the heart of our mission to give back and promote positive development through sports, we look forward to seeing many more young athletes achieve their dreams under Luke’s inspiring leadership.

Congratulations to GMVA and Luke, on this outstanding achievement!

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