A Tribute To Kids Undercover Founder, Ken Morgan (OAM)

Dedicated To Ken Morgan (OAM)


We were incredibly saddened to hear the news of Ken Morgan’s Passing. Ken was a recipient of the Medal of the Order (OAM), and the founder of Kids Undercover, an organisation dedicated to fighting youth homelessness.

Ken & his wife Lenka began building Kids Undercover in 1989 after reading the ‘Burdekin Report’, a 1987 Senate enquiry report that revealed a large number of Australian children were being denied the fundamental rights of shelter, protection & the feeling of safety. Their first act was to raise capital to fund a house for homeless mothers before doubling down on assisting Australia’s youth with ‘Kids Undercover’.

The program builds relocatable one & two-bedroom studios in the backyard of the family or carer’s home, creating extra space and stability for at-risk young people. This studio remains there for as long as it’s needed, before being relocated to another site to shelter other youth in need. Kids Undercover doesn’t just provide shelter, but also opportunity. They complement their infrastructure offering with education, scholarships and job training to empower Australia’s youth as they move forward.

We are proud to have been a long-time supporter of this exceptional program that provides help to those who need it most. Ken’s kindness and passion for helping others were remarkable. His legacy that no child should endure homelessness will live on through Lenka & the Kids Undercover team as they continue the mission to make this vision a reality. VALE.

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